Did you know...

In 1958, Cuba is a country of Latin America with more cars (160,000, one for every 38 inhabitants). The most appliances had. The country with the most kilometers of railways per km2. and the second in the total number of radio receivers.

The first nation in Latin America, including Spain and Portugal who had the first cemetery isolated from churches was Cuba in 1806. – The first nation of Spanish America, SPAIN AND PORTUGAL it used MACHINES AND steamboats was Cuba in 1829.

– The first nation in Latin America and the third in the world (after England and the U.S.) that had railroad was Cuba in 1837.

– It was a Cuban first applied ether anesthesia in Latin America in 1847.

– In 1871 Stevan Bellan becomes the first Latin American to play professional baseball in the U.S.

– The first demonstration WORLD an industry driven by electricity was in Havana in 1877.

-The first Olympic champion was a Cuban AMERICAN LATINO. In 1900, the fencer Ramon Fonts.

– The world’s first city to have direct dial TELEPHONY (without operator) was in Havana in 1906.

– In 1907 premiered in Havana the first X-ray department of Latin America.

– On May 19, 1913 was made the first flight LATIN AMERICAN AIR by Cubans Agustin Parla and Domingo Rosillo, which lasted two hours and 40 minutes between Cuba and Key West.

– THE FIRST WORLD HOTEL CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING built in Havana: The Riviera Hotel in 1951